Our History

Founded by Mr. Carel Christiaan van Vliet in 1981 Tri-Ergon has distinguished itself in the plastic injection molding world by focusing on the production of technically high-quality products through an extensive machine park and well-trained staff.


By focusing on further modernization of the machine park and close cooperation with customers, it is possible for Tri-Ergon to develop and implement the entire process from concept to end product together with the customer.


In 1996 his son Ronald Christiaan van Vliet came into service, who combined his knowledge of the HTS in Hilversum with a keen business sense.

Under his leadership a new factory was built in Zeewolde and Tri-Ergon Harderwijk exchanged for Zeewolde.

Core values

Since November 2019, the son of Ronald van Vliet has been working at Tri-Ergon as a manager.

He brings a diverse background in the field of import / export, technology & sales.

Over the years, Tri-Ergon's core values ​​have remained the same: expertise, experience and close cooperation with its customers.