Injection molding

In the field of plastic injection molding, we are happy to work with you to make your product the


We are able to compound both large and small quantities. We are able to start compounding at 50 kg.

Tri-Ergon has various extrusion machines ready for your materials

Product Development

We can take care of your entire process from concept phase to production.

Instrument and Equipment Factory

The best solution in plastics

Founded by Mr. Carel Christiaan van Vliet in 1981 Tri-Ergon has distinguished itself in the plastic injection molding world by focusing on the production of technically high-quality products through an extensive machine park and well trained staff.

Answers to plastics engineering questions

The combination of more than 50 years of experience and expertise and the use of innovative techniques makes Tri-Ergon a good partner for companies that want to get the most out of their products.

◎ Injection molding machines ranging from 35 tonnes to 210 tonnes
◎ Compounding, coloring in various materials according to your wishes
◎ Well-trained staff
◎ Thorough knowledge of technical plastics
◎ Wide experience with different industries

How we work

Perfection in details
From concept to product

The experience and expertise of our team ensure that you get the best possible solutions and advice. In addition, we work together with companies both at home and abroad to give you the best quality in the process from drawing to mold to working end product.